Bred for slaughter...

The fate of the white rope...

If there is a white rope on any horse at the "trade fair' then it means that it has already been bought by one of the many slaughter houses that come to these places to buy horses for meat export. 

The price for these beautiful creatures? A per/kg price of however much they weigh.


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Why wont it stop?...

So many are trying to help stop the slaughter already...

There are a few foundations and charities across Poland taking a stand and trying to  

save as many horses as they can. 

Below are some difficult videos to watch from some of these organisations.

The Me Before You Project plans not only to join this fight against this cruel trade, 

but also to start taking it to a government level 

to create a change in the legislation.

It's a matter of convincing politicians that a Worldwide outcry about the cruelty and conditions of these horses outweighs the revenue from the Horse Meat Trade.

The more public we can make this situation the more difficult it will be for the 

governmental institutions to ignore the bad press.

If you have a legal background and would like to volunteer a few hours of your time 

to discuss a some ideas in greater detail then please contact us.

Horse Trade Fairs - destined for slaughter...

A video from the Skaryszew Horse Market by The Tara Foundation

A video from the Skaryszew Horse Market by The Centaurus Foundation

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