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If you would like to help us spread the word then you can do so in many ways. Not everything has to be about money or donations, just talking to people or sharing links or just forwarding an email with our information is sometimes all that is needed to trigger the one thing that causes a ripple effect and changes someones' life for the better...

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Join our social media pages and share your own motivational story or dedicate a thank you to someone special.

You never know how your inspirational story may help to positively effect someone who is struggling alone and in silence, in this way is possible for one idea to change the world... 

pay it forward with genuine love and kindness.

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Our Facebook page is predominantly used for personal dedications. Check it out now and send someone a special message to show them that you care.

How to create a post:

1.) Follow and like our page.

2.) Get a friend to take a picture of you from behind with your arm clenched in a fist held up in the air.

3.) Write a dedication to someone special and tag them, make sure to mention... join the movement!

4.) Dedicate a song that reminds you of them and that you feel will inspire them and make them feel great about themselves.

5.) Share our page so that others can post their dedications.

6.) Finally, join our groups below if you would like to know how we are getting on and to keep updated about our progress.

We have three groups that you may join, each discussing one of our project aims: 

  • Horse Rescue - fighting to stop horses going to slaughter for the meat industry in Poland.

  • Mental Health Therapy - helping heal people that are suffering from mental abuse through the use of Horse Therapy.

  • Riding for the Disabled - giving our rehabilitated horses a job in teaching children and adults with disabilities to experience the pleasure of horse riding.


For motivational quotes and special help for those suffering with mental abuse with like minded followers.

Love and follow us and be sure to post an inspiring quote, you never know how your words could positively affect someone you may not even know.

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Want to know how we are getting on building the centre? 

 We will tweet any major milestones that we have reached...don't forget to retweet!


Follow our fundraising pages and share them. We really appreciate it...every penny helps no matter how small.

We have four fundraising pages should you wish to donate:

1.) Donations to the centre for day to day running costs.

2.) Donations to rescue horses from slaughter and their care and rehabilitation.

3.) Donations to sponsor someone for the Mental Health Horse Therapy Programme.

4.) Donations to sponsor the Riding for the Disabled Programme.


For videos of how we are getting on, any events or how the horses in need of help are coming along then visit our channel!

Coming Soon!


Here you will be able to find information about how to volunteer at the centre and about our Corporate Sponsorship Programme.

  • Volunteer - there are so many things to do and we appreciate all the help that we can get. You don't necessarily need to travel, sometimes you can help by just spending some time online for us and managing our social pages!  If you would like to get more hands on then come and visit us or you know someone that can,  then please have a look at what we urgently need help with right now...join the movement!

  • Corporate Sponsorship - we are not looking for handouts but if you feel that your company can contribute in any way and work with us, then contact us. We are always open to suggestions and building great partnerships for a common goal!