Our Bank Details

If you would like to make a direct deposit into our bank account so that we avoid the PayPal charges and crowdfunding charges then we would be very grateful.

If you are making a contribution for a specific item then please use the following as a reference so that we know what you would like your contribution to be used for.

Each item that is required has its own number found throughout the website 

or a list is available below.

A few examples of what your reference should look like:

MeBeforeYou - John Smith Ref:204


MeBeforeYou - Ref:001


Nest Bank SA 


IBAN: PL11187010452083101816990001

Account Number: 11 1870 1045 2083 1018 1699 0001

Account Name: Julianna Strocka (c/o Fifty Shades Developments)


Nest Bank SA 

ul. Wołoska 24, Warszawa, Poland, 02-675

Bank Officer Contact Name: A Pawłowska

Bank Officer Contact Tel. Number: +48 22 438 41 41

Bank Officer Email: kontakt@nestbank.pl


MeBeforeYou Project

c/o Fifty Shades Developments

Konradów 30 & 30A, Ladek Zdroj, Poland, 57-540

NIP: 8952014700

REGON: 021925629

Donations that we need...

Thank yoU


The project aims to be completely transparent with how your money and any private investment is being spent, however if you have sponsored someone privately then this information will not be made public.

Below you will be able to view and download all the project financials. Amounts donated are shown with references only and not with depositors details as this information is Private & Confidential.

Financial Statements...

Files coming soon.