it is possible for one idea to change the world

it is possible for one idea to change the worldit is possible for one idea to change the world

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Positive relationships are healing relationships. Trust, honesty and compassion are the three elements of a healing relationship. Being loved, respected, understood and connected to others, humans and animals alike, can have a profound effect on your mental and physical health.

The MeBeforeYou project was started for just this reason, to heal broken minds, broken hearts and broken souls and eventually to come out at the other side a survivor with a truly unbreakable spirit. 

Our three aims are simple, each group paying it forward to the next, healing and helping each other in the process to create a a truly beautiful end result.

1.) Rescue as many horses that are bred just to be slaughtered, driven live from Poland destined for the European meat industry.

2.) Help people that have suffered with mental abuse through Rehabilitative Horse Therapy.

3.) Once a horse is rehabilitated and retrained, give them a job for life, working with children and adults with special needs or disabilities to experience the joy of horse riding.

How it all works together...

There is a stigma of shame attached to asking for help, especially when it comes to emotional abuse, the wounds are not visible and most of the time no one knows that you are even hurting or indeed being hurt, on numerous levels and at various capacities. The MeBeforeYou project offers a safe haven to heal your spirit through equine therapy, where both parties relearn the three elements of a healing relationship. 

It takes a huge amount of courage and bravery to make a stand, we know this and even though we can't help you escape from your abuser, we are here waiting for you when you are ready to heal, whether that be a day, a week, a month or even years after you have broken free from the various mental abusive cycles. 

It all starts with our horses, who can't ask for help and most that make it here have lost all hope and trust in their human counterparts. We can help fix broken bones and external wounds, but fixing a broken soul takes time... 

Here is where you come in...both you and one of our horses need emotional healing and together, through a series of therapies, the both of you can close the chapter of abuse and as it forward. The relationship between a horse and a human, who both learn to trust and communicate with each other, is truly a magical journey, one that will stay with you for life.

Once you feel you have healed, our only request is that you spread our message of trust, honesty and compassion. Our horses are also able to do the same, by going on to learn how to be safe horses for disabled riders, thus also paying it forward. 

And what of our disabled equestrians you ask? They also pay it forward, by providing our horses with a job, new skills and even going on to compete in worldwide equestrian events and again dispelling the stigma attached to the limits of disabled riding...there are no limits here, to anything.

Always remember...You only get one life, it's actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.

"me before you"

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